People Over Pipelines

Dear Opposers of the Cardinal Hickory Creek Transmission Line
This is a great (free) opportunity to build alliances/share tactics with persons and groups who ALSO are responding to impositions of unnecessary capital utility expansion/spending in the form of oil and tar sand pipelines. Many of these unnecessary pipelines/expansions are sited alongside existing and new high voltage expansion transmission lines.

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The Fall Art Tour

The Fall Art Tour
October 20, 21, 22 from 10 am to 6 pm.
Eleven local artists will be displaying Driftless Defenders materials and petition in their studios during The Fall Art Tour this coming weekend.  Please show your support by visiting their studios and let them know we appreciate their assistance in raising  awareness on the transmission line issue.

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A Public Affair – Hosted by Patty Peltekos

Hello fellow defenders!

We received a request from Patty Peltekos this morning regarding her upcoming how.
She states: “A Public Affair” with Curt Meine and Keefe Keeley will be airing Monday, October 23rd from noon to one pm on WORT89.9 FM Madison/

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Blue Mounds Parade – September 17th

A special thank you to Betsy D’Agenlo and the Outreach team! They pulled through again, providing not just the minimum number needed for a parade, but extras!

So, they added a second banner, “SAVE OUR VIEWS!”  Deb Eide traveled to Blue Mounds, took photos from Brigham County Park, and created a banner specific to Blue Mounds.  Lianne and Charlotte Stephenson brought the balloons and candy.

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Grant County Informational Meeting

Mt Horeb Forum, 9/7/2017, Kerry Beheler giving introduction.

Hosted by the Village of Montfort where transmission builders have proposed a city-scale 345 kV substation, the meeting will be held at:

Grant County Transmission Line – Public Information Meeting

Tues., Sept 19th:  7:00- 8:30pm | Community Bldg. | 102 E. Park St. | Montfort

Festival of the Mounds

Parade – September 17, Noon

Annual area festival in Blue Mounds at Mounds View Park. Food, music, games, craft show, raffle, beer tent, parade. This event is run by the Blue Mounds Community Boosters.

We will be walking in the parade and passing out flyers.

Cobb Corn Roast

 Our next parade and table event will be the Cobb Corn Roast, which will provide a good opportunity to spread the word Westward. We walk in the (short) parade (1:40pm – 3:00 pm), some people carrying our banner and towers, and others distributing our neon flyers along the sidewalks.  We will have a tabletop the 12th and 13th and will need coverage from 9am – noon and noon – 3pm.  Contact
Consider inviting your friends and family to join us, and we might gather enough people to carry two banners and make a strong showing like we did in Dodgeville.

Resolution Vote to Oppose – Mt Horeb

MT HOREB Village Board Meeting
Vote on resolution to oppose CHC.
Wednesday, August 2,  7:00 p.m.
Board Room of the Municipal Building
138 East Main Street
Mount Horeb, WI 53572

Planning Session – Grant County


Planning session to organize opposition in Grant County.

Wednesday, Aug 2nd, 5:30pm

Village Hall, 102 East Park Street

Montfort, WI