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Cobb Corn Roast Parade

Driftless Defenders will again be walking in the parade and possibly have a table at the Cobb Corn Roast Festival.

The corn roast activities run from August 8th – 12th.  We will be there Sunday, August 12th. The parade is at 2pm.

If you’d like to volunteer to assist please email


Still Protecting the Driftless Rally – Saturday, July 21st


The Cardinal-Hickory Creek transmission line is NOT A DONE DEAL. Join us and show your support for the opposition! Learn more about the latest progress on the application process, the financial challenges that are ahead and how you can help. Area candidates for State Assembly, State Senate and Governor have been invited. All are welcome!

(608) 636-5776

Farmers Appreciation Day

Farmers Appreciation Day Parade
Iowa Street, Dodgeville, WI
Sunday, July 8
line up:  @ 10:30            parade 11:00 – @ noon
In the past line up was on side streets on the south end of the city.
The parade proceeds down the main drag (Iowa Street) and turns right by the trailer park, where the parade generally breaks up.  Some people continue on to Harris Park (but most likely not us).
For Farmers Appreciation we usually wear anything, sometimes a bandana around our neck (provided) if it isn’t too hot.
NOTE:  the email address is no longer active on the banner… please contact for additional parade information.

Rally in Mt Horeb gets air time!


Watch video here: 


A group rallied in Mount Horeb Saturday to bring attention to the driftless area.

They call themselves the “Driftless Defenders” and are concerned about a proposed 125-mile transmission line that would run through the area.

The group believes the Military Ridge State Trail would be threatened by the transmission lines. Organizer Betsy D’Angelo says, “Bikers and hikers use that trail all the time to have a nice experience in nature. If ATC has its way that trail would have huge industrial-sized steel towers on it.”

27 News reached out to American Transmission Company (ATC) Friday ahead of the rally, which released this statement:

“The application for the Cardinal-Hickory-Creek transmission line project will be reviewed by the Public Service Commission, with opportunities for public involvement. We appreciate the public’s input in helping to evaluate possible routes over the last few years; that input helped shape our application. We looked at hundreds of paths for these lines and made adjustments based on what we learned from area residents. The project is designed to improve electric reliability, access to lower-cost power and access to cost-effective, in-demand renewable resources. It would also improve the flexibility of the grid to address the retirement of traditional power plants and the addition of new sources of electric generation.”


Mineral Point 4th of July Parade

Fourth of July Parade
Mineral Point, WI    
Wednesday, July 4th
line up 10:30-10:45     parade 11:00 – @ noon
In the past line up was on side streets at the top of the hill near the water tower. The parade proceeds downhill on High Street.

Driftless Defenders, Mineral Point Fourth of July parade, 7/4/2017. In front: Will. Left to right: Kerry Beheler, Ann Wolfe, Susan Van Sicklen, Mike Van Sicklen, Betsy D’Angelo, Amy Noble, Julie, Greg Firkus, Pat Murphy, Lea Stroncek.

New Signage Available!

One of our Driftless Defenders members is producing 8 x 8 foot plywood anti-ATC signs in his barn.   So far seven have been made and placed in high traffic locations from Dodgeville to Mount Horeb.  He is looking for more locations along 18/151, 14, and 18 that have good visibility in either direction.  It is essential to have an old farm implement or barn that he could mount the sign to.   There is no cost for these first signs.  Others will be produced at no charge for good locations, but donations and volunteers to help produce more signs would be helpful.  Plywood, paint, templates, and hardware cost about $65 per 8 x 8 sign.  If you are good with a paint roller you can help!   Templates for the signs are ready and waiting!  Contact if you know of a location, farm implement, and/or can help in any way.

Celebrate the Driftless Rally! and an early morning #IDIDARIDE (bicycle event)

Celebrate the Driftless Rally!

and also join our early morning #IDIDARIDE (bicycle event)

Saturday, June 30th, 11 am – 3 pm

Registration link here: Celebrate the Driftless


GrandStay Hotel‘s back lawn

Live music!  Kids activities!   

In keeping with our “Ididaride” play on words with “Iditarod”. Judy Campbell of Dodgeville, will bring two of her sled dogs and two or three sleds to the GrandStay Hotel.  The dogs will be on harnesses and are quite friendly so interested children will be able to pet them. People can stand on the sleds and have their pictures taken.
Two local businesses, Cress Spring Bakery and Brix, will be on site selling their wood-fired pizza and hard cider.

What is the PSC?

The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin is a state agency whose mission is to “Oversee and facilitate the efficient and fair provision of quality utility services in Wisconsin.” The PSC’s mandate includes but is not limited to:

  • ENSURING FAIR PRICING for utility services to customers and to utility investors;
  • ENSURING utility services are provided in an efficient AND environmentally responsible manner; PROTECTING the interests of both investors and customers and ensuring that securities issued by utilities meet the needs of the utilities; PROVIDING FAIRNESS in transactions between utilities and their customers, other utilities, and other entities specifically provided protection by law;
  • ADJUSTING oversight of utilities according to the level of competition in their markets and according to the degree of customer satisfaction with their services;
  • EDUCATING Wisconsin citizens on utility issues and promoting their involvement in the decision-making process.
  • Ensuring QUALITY as defined by customers’ needs;

PSC Vision:

WDPC Meeting

WDPC meeting next Tuesday 19 June 6:30pm at GrandStay Hotel in Mt Horeb. Please join us!