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Mineral Point 4th of July Parade

Fourth of July Parade
Mineral Point, WI    
Wednesday, July 4th
line up 10:30-10:45     parade 11:00 – @ noon
In the past line up was on side streets at the top of the hill near the water tower. The parade proceeds downhill on High Street.

Driftless Defenders, Mineral Point Fourth of July parade, 7/4/2017. In front: Will. Left to right: Kerry Beheler, Ann Wolfe, Susan Van Sicklen, Mike Van Sicklen, Betsy D’Angelo, Amy Noble, Julie, Greg Firkus, Pat Murphy, Lea Stroncek.

New Signage Available!

One of our Driftless Defenders members is producing 8 x 8 foot plywood anti-ATC signs in his barn.   So far seven have been made and placed in high traffic locations from Dodgeville to Mount Horeb.  He is looking for more locations along 18/151, 14, and 18 that have good visibility in either direction.  It is essential to have an old farm implement or barn that he could mount the sign to.   There is no cost for these first signs.  Others will be produced at no charge for good locations, but donations and volunteers to help produce more signs would be helpful.  Plywood, paint, templates, and hardware cost about $65 per 8 x 8 sign.  If you are good with a paint roller you can help!   Templates for the signs are ready and waiting!  Contact if you know of a location, farm implement, and/or can help in any way.

Celebrate the Driftless Rally! and an early morning #IDIDARIDE (bicycle event)

Celebrate the Driftless Rally!

and also join our early morning #IDIDARIDE (bicycle event)

Saturday, June 30th, 11 am – 3 pm

Registration link here: Celebrate the Driftless


GrandStay Hotel‘s back lawn

Live music!  Kids activities!   

In keeping with our “Ididaride” play on words with “Iditarod”. Judy Campbell of Dodgeville, will bring two of her sled dogs and two or three sleds to the GrandStay Hotel.  The dogs will be on harnesses and are quite friendly so interested children will be able to pet them. People can stand on the sleds and have their pictures taken.
Two local businesses, Cress Spring Bakery and Brix, will be on site selling their wood-fired pizza and hard cider.

What is the PSC?

The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin is a state agency whose mission is to “Oversee and facilitate the efficient and fair provision of quality utility services in Wisconsin.” The PSC’s mandate includes but is not limited to:

  • ENSURING FAIR PRICING for utility services to customers and to utility investors;
  • ENSURING utility services are provided in an efficient AND environmentally responsible manner; PROTECTING the interests of both investors and customers and ensuring that securities issued by utilities meet the needs of the utilities; PROVIDING FAIRNESS in transactions between utilities and their customers, other utilities, and other entities specifically provided protection by law;
  • ADJUSTING oversight of utilities according to the level of competition in their markets and according to the degree of customer satisfaction with their services;
  • EDUCATING Wisconsin citizens on utility issues and promoting their involvement in the decision-making process.
  • Ensuring QUALITY as defined by customers’ needs;

PSC Vision:

WDPC Meeting

WDPC meeting next Tuesday 19 June 6:30pm at GrandStay Hotel in Mt Horeb. Please join us!

The Bindlestiffs in Concert!


An unnecessary transmission line threatens our unique landscape, as well as our environment and local economy. Western Dane Preservation Campaign is a local, grassroots group which is fighting to retain our precious resources. This concert is a perfect way to help fund the organization’s work, while enjoying a great evening of entertainment.

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Cardinal-Hickory Creek Public Information meeting

Driftless Defenders will hold a Public Information Meeting about the proposed Cardinal-Hickory Creek Transmission Line on Friday, June 8, 7 p.m., Dodger Bowl, 321 King Street, Dodgeville.  Speaker will be Howard Learner, Executive Director of Environmental Law and Policy Center, the midwest’s premier environmental legal advocacy organization that has been hired by Driftless Area Land Conservancy to provide legal counsel.  He will update us about upcoming proceedings before the Wisconsin Public Service Commission (WPSC) and Rural Utilities Service (RUS) and advise us how we can help.  Come with your questions since ample time will be allowed for Q&A.  More information at


GrandStay® Hotel & Suites
175 Lillehammer Lane, Mount Horeb

Join WDPC to Stop the CHC Line and Preserve Western Dane County! WDPC is a non-profit group formed by area citizens to stop construction of the un-needed and destructive high-voltage Cardinal-Hickory Creek transmission line that American Transmission Co. proposes to run from Middleton, WI to Dubuque, Iowa. WDPC is working to stop the CHC line by proving: lack of need, its direct environmental hazards, and its detrimental economic impact to our communities. The for-profit utility companies who propose this line, ATC, ITC, and Dairyland Power, are guaranteed more than 10% profit on their investment! They make money by putting poles in the ground. The 10% profit is paid by us! Rate payers will see an increase on their utility bills. We will pay for this un-needed line, and receive little or no benefit from it.

Your Property Value Affected

Last Tuesday night, May 1st, Kurt Kielisch spoke to a group of over 100 people gathered in Mt Horeb to learn how the proposed transmission line would effect property values.  Kurt is a nationally known forensic appraiser who helps people with eminent domain issues.  He’s been an expert witness in transmission line right of way cases.  From his presentation we learned how land is valued; the various negative effects of having a transmission line go through your property; and our rights as landowners.  His entire presentation can be viewed on You Tube by clicking on the link below.  This event was sponsored by Driftless Defenders, Western Dane Preservation Campaign, and Driftless Area Land Conservancy. Video from meeting