Individual and ACTION Teams

You can help too!

If you would like to get involved with the Driftless Defenders and help us in our efforts, here are some actions you can take:

Individual Actions:

  1. Write LETTERS TO THE EDITOR in your local newspaper (see Resources section for Address List)
  2. Contact your legislators (
  3. Attend events, parades, and meetings
  4. Display yard signs and banners
  5. Submit suggested posts for Facebook or  Newsletter (
  6. Help with research on various topics
  7. Talk to you neighbors and friends
  8. Distribute informational materials: contact

FACE-TO-FACE TIME: The best thing you can do to be heard and get your congressperson to pay attention is to have face-to-face time.

  • If they have townhalls, go to them.
  • Go to their local offices.
  • If you’re in DC, try to find a way to go to an event of theirs.
  • Go to the “mobile offices” that their staff hold periodically (all these times are located on each congressperson’s website).

When you go, ask questions. A lot of them. And push for answers. The louder and more vocal and present you can be at those the better.

DAILY CALLS: Those in-person events don’t happen every day. So, the absolute most important thing that people should be doing every day is calling.

  • You should make 6 calls a day: 2 each (DC office and your local office) to your 2 Senators & your 1 Representative.
  • The staffer was very clear that any sort of online contact basically gets immediately ignored, and letters pretty much get thrown in the trash (unless you have a particularly strong emotional story – but even then it’s not worth the time it took you to craft that letter).
CALLS are what all the congress people pay attention to.

NOTE: Every single day, the Senior Staff and the Senator get a report of the 3 most-called-about topics for that day at each of their offices (in DC and local offices), and exactly how many people said what about each of those topics. They’re also sorted by zip code and area code.

When you call:
When calling the DC office, ask for the Staff member in charge of whatever you’re calling about (“Hi, I’d like to speak with the staffer in charge of Healthcare, please”).  Local offices won’t always have specific ones, but they might. If you get transferred to that person, awesome. If you don’t, that’s ok – ask for their name, and then just keep talking to whoever answered the phone. Don’t leave a message (unless the office doesn’t pick up at all – then you can…but it’s better to talk to the staffer who first answered than leave a message for the specific staffer in charge of your topic).

B) Give them your ZIP CODE.
They won’t always ask for it, but make sure you give it to them, so they can mark it down. Extra points if you live in a zip code that traditionally votes for them, since they’ll want to make sure they get/keep your vote.

C) If you can MAKE IT PERSONAL, make it personal.
“I voted for you in the last election and I’m worried/happy/whatever” or “I’m a teacher, and I am appalled by…,” or “as a single mother” or “as a white, middle class woman,” or whatever.

D) Pick 1-2 SPECIFIC THINGS EACH CALL to focus on per day.
Don’t go down a whole list – they’re figuring out what 1-2 topics to mark you down for on their lists. So, focus on 1-2 per day. Ideally something that will be voted on/taken up in the next few days, but it doesn’t really matter – even if there’s not a vote coming up in the next week, call anyway. It’s important that they just keep getting calls.

E) BE CLEAR on what you want:
“I’m disappointed that the Senator…” or “I want to THANK the Senator for their vote on…” or “I want the Senator to know that voting in _____ way is the wrong decision for our state because…” Don’t leave any ambiguity.

They may get to know your voice/get sick of you – it doesn’t matter. The people answering the phones generally turn over every 6 weeks anyway, so even if they’re really sick of you, they’ll be gone in 6 weeks.

TIP: Put the 6 numbers in your phone (all under P – Politician. An example is Politician McCaskill MO, Politician McCaskill DC, Politician Blunt MO, etc…), which makes it really easy to click down the list each day. is a helpful resource that gives you your numbers to call, scripts, etc.

If you would like to get involved with a Driftless Defenders team, please contact the team leader in your area of interest:

Action Teams:



This team manages the set up, accounting, and distribution of monies acquired through donations through:

  • Creating fundraising events.
  • Accepting donations at our table during the meetings and partnership events.
  • Supervising checking account and bill paying.
  • Managing expenses such as printing, rent for meetings, advertising, and other communication needs.





This team’s goal is to create awareness of the proposed transmission lines with area citizens, as well as updating Driftless Defenders’ members by:

  • Organizing parade displays, table displays, sharing literature, area events, creating signs, posters, and other communication materials.
  • Keeping our organization abreast of meetings, “in the news” items, distributing information about the progress of the ATC proposal.
  • Coordinating the sale and placement of banners.
  • Developing a plan to target tourists.
  • Driftless Defenders, Mineral Point Fourth of July parade, 7/4/2017. In front: Will. Left to right: Kerry Beheler, Ann Wolfe, Susan Van Sicklen, Mike Van Sicklen, Betsy D'Angelo, Amy Noble, Julie, Greg Firkus, Pat Murphy, Lea Stroncek.
  • Mixpo, Mount Horeb, 5/3/2018, Brenda Schmidt
  • Mixpo, Mount Horeb, 5/3/2018. Steve Salerno, School Superintendent middle, Brenda Schmidt right.
  • Mixpo, Mount Horeb, 5/3/2018, Brenda Schmidt standing, Deb Eide sitting.
  • 5/1/18 meeting in Mount Horeb organized by DD, WDPC, and DALC. WDPC video.
  • Kurt Kielisch speaking at 5/1/18 meeting in Mount Horeb organized by DD, WDPC, and DALC.
  • IMEPC Forum 3/2/2018
  • IMEPC Forum 3/2/2018, DD table, Pat Murphy.
  • Blue Mounds parade 9/17/2017. Caroline Beckett, Lianne Stephenson, Greg Firkus, Pat Murphy, Judy Pincus, Allen Pincus, Charlotte Stephenson (in front), Frank Sandner, Betsy D'Angelo, Mart Sturnick.
  • Ridgeway, Labor Day 2017, information table. Amy Noble, Betsy D'Angelo, Lianne Stephenson, Deb Eide.
  • Mt Horeb Forum, 9/7/2017, Kerry Beheler giving introduction.



The media team ensures we have vehicles and tools of communication in place to keep citizens and Driftless Defenders aware of the issues, progress and ways to fight the ATC proposal by:

  • Creating videos
  • Launching and editing our website
  • Developing information
  • Engaging in social media such as FaceBook, Twitter, etc.
  • Conducting interviews
  • Producing a monthly newsletter
  • Creating other communication and marketing materials as needed.