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We’ve been busy this summer!

This was the fourth year we participated in the Mineral Point Fourth of July parade.  Once again we received cheers from the crowd.  Our flyer was updated with PSC proceedings and included information for people to submit comments to the PSC by July 7, 2019.

Mineral Point Fourth of July parade, 7/4/19.


On July 14 we returned for our fourth year participating in the Farmers Appreciation Day parade in Dodgeville.  A new banner announced that 500 people attended the Public Hearings in Dodgeville and thanked them for their participation.  Among the sidewalk we received thumbs up and thank you’s.

Farmers Appreciation Parade, Dodgeville, June 14, 2019.


Our newest and largest-ever billboard went up in July on 18/151 in Ridgeway.  It’s the second imploring Governor Evers to get involved.  Please send a picture of the billboard along with a letter to: Governor Tony Evers, 115 East, State Capital, Madison, WI 53702.
Or email:

You can download the image by right clicking on it and them “copy image.”

Ridgeway billboard, Second Evers-themed, Biggest. July 2019.


Driftless Defenders plans to be in two parades:

  • Mineral Point, Fouth of July, 11:00am
  • Dodgeville Farmers’ Appreciation Day, Sunday, July 14th, 11:00am

Let us know if you would like to join us for some small-town Americana.

Your presence is critical to our fight

Come to one – or more – of the PSC Public Hearings.  Bring your family and friends.  This is the last time we can have input into the decision on whether or not CHC is stopped.  It’s important that we show our opposition to the line before the PSC with a huge crowd!



Get the facts about the proposed 125-mile long Cardinal-Hickory Creek transmission line.  Who pays for it?  How will it impact Madison, Military Ridge State Trail, Gov. Dodge State park, and our unique south Wisconsin landscape?  Will it bring energy from clean or nonrenewable sources?

Find out at:

The Goodman Community Center Ironworks
149 Waubesa St
June 6, 2019 at 6 pm


Willy Street Co-op West
6825 University Ave
June 10, 2019 at 6 pm


Madison Sequoya Library
4340 Tokay Blvd.
June 17, 2019 at 6pm

Schedule for RUS USDA meetings

The latest on submitting your comments – both in person at the Public Comment Meetings and in writing


The purpose of these meetings is to accept written and/or oral comments about the draft Federal Environmental Impact Statement. Our purpose is to gather as large a crowd as possible at these meetings to create a visual impact of the opposition.  You can make an oral or written comment, but most important is to show up – and bring your family, neighbors, friends, etc.

Wednesday, March 13, 5-7, Dodger Bowl, Dodgeville
Thursday, March 14, 5-7, Deer Valley Lodge, Barneveld
Monday, March 18, 5-7, Cassville Middle School, Cassville
Wednesday, March20, 5-7, Madison Marriott West, Middleton
(two more meeting will be held in Iowa)



Written comments on the Draft Federal EIS are due April 1, 2019.

Petitions and Letters to the Editor

Driftless Defenders submitted two booklets to Wisconsin’s Public Service Commission on January 4, 2019.  The purpose is to demonstrate the widespread extent of opposition to Cardinal-Hickory Creek.

“Opposition Petitions” contains 1,163 signatures collected by volunteers on hard-copy petitions, and 798 signature submitted to our online petition.


“A partial collection of Letters to the Editor” contains copies of approximately 100 letters that were written to editors of various newspapers expressing opposition to the lines.



The Public Comment Period will be extended beyond February 5, but the date has not been determined yet.  It will run through the end of Public Comment meetings, dates to be determined.  We will publicize the dates as soon as RUS announces them.

In the meantime, for information and help in writing a comment that will help influence the final version of the Federal Draft Environmental Impact Statement, please go to our “PSC UPDATES” page.

The USDA Rural Utilities Service Public Meetings scheduled for this week and next were cancelled due to the government shut down, with a new date to be announced later.  Without having any official word from USDA regarding a change in the original deadline of February 5 for written comments, we are sticking with that deadline.

For information and help in writing a comment that will help influence the final version of the Federal Environmental Impact Statement, please go to our “PSC UPDATES” page.