PSC Updates


PSC Open Session
Tuesday, August 20, 2019, 10:30 am
PSC Hearing Room – S105 – first floor
4822 Madison Yards Way

The PSC will hold an Open Meeting where the Commissioners will discuss the “Decision Matrix.”  The public can attend this session but not participate.  If necessary, a second meeting will be held on August 22nd.

Please try to attend!  It’s important that we fill the hearing room to show that we are watching and listening to our public official even though the record-braking Public Hearings are over.  We remain passionate and committed to defeating CHC.  For solidarity, wear your DD or DALC tee shirts.  DALC will pass out NoATC stickers.

The Decision Matrix can be found here.
Environmental Law Policy Center’s (ELPC) letter pointing out the flaws of the Decision Matrix can be found here.

And for those interested, all briefs can be found here:  Initial Briefs and Reply Briefs.



Thanks to everyone who attended the PSC Public Hearings.  Attendance was excellent!  Almost 1,000 attendees at all sessions, and approximately 130 speakers.  Administrative Law Judge Newmark described the hearings as an “amazing experience.”  He said the testimonies were well-thought out, intelligent, and passionate, and they will definitely benefit the record.


Dodgeville PSC Public Hearing 6/27/19


Madison PSC Public Hearing 6/26/19


ALJ Michael Newmark welcomes crowd of 160 to Lancaster Public Hearing, 6/25/19.




Here are simulations of what the CHC will look like if it is built.

Simulation of towers along County Road Z, Spring Green

Simulation of towers in residential area in Mt. Horeb