PSC Updates

On November 29, 2018, the Dane County Board of Commissions voted unanimously to intervene.  They join Iowa County Board of Commissions in opposing CHC in this important way. 

YOU Can Help STOP the Cardinal-Hickory Creek Transmission Line

The PSC and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will use comments from the public to help them write an environmental impact statement (EIS). The EIS is the first of three phases of the PSC Review Period that will ultimately result in a decision about Cardinal-Hickory Creek. It is extremely important that we be actively involved in every phase of the process, providing input whenever we can.

Information for Submitting a Comment to the Public Service Commission (PSC)

What:  Write a letter to the Public Service Commission
When:  By January 4, 2019
Where:  Electronic (preferred)

Snail Mail:
Wisconsin Public Service Commission
Attention: Akanksha Craft
4822 Madison Yards Way
Madison, WI 53705

The following provides information and suggestions to help you prepare a letter and submit it to the PSC. Even if you submitted a comment at the recent Scoping Meetings, please consider writing a letter that is more detailed or that covers a different topic. A letter, rather than a form, is the most effective way to communicate with the PSC, and electronic submission is preferred.

Make your letter personal. Introduce yourself, explain your connection to the transmission lines and describe how they will impact you. Use the attached worksheet to help you gather detailed information about topics that are of concern to you.

If you would like help with your letter please contact one of these opposition groups:

Driftless Area Land Conservancy
Driftless Defenders
Western Dane Preservation Campaign


Composing, Mailing, and PSC Documentation

Use the worksheet below to gather your thoughts about the topics that are important to you and how they affect you. List detailed information; including specific information and references will produce the most effective letter. You do not have to write something under each heading; they simply serve as prompts for you. You can also include a topic not listed on the worksheet. Using your completed worksheet as a guide, write your letter to the PSC. They suggest first using your word processor and later copying and pasting it to their website. Do not submit the worksheet.

The PSC states online: “A comment may consist of the writer’s personal knowledge or personal opinions only. A reference document, newspaper article, professional journal article, white paper, study or any other prepared material not written by the person commenting is not considered a public comment, but may be referenced in a person’s comment.”

Attaching maps and/or drawings online does not presently work with the PSC Electronic Records File (ERF) system. You therefore need to snail mail them separately. When you do, be sure to mark the map or drawing with the name and address you used when submitting your comment online and label with the docket number 5-CE 146.

Keep a copy of your letter.  You will be able to use it again during the next two phases of public input.

Submit your letter online at If you use snail mail include docket number 5-CE 146.  

Each letter you submit online will be assigned a number and posted now on the PSC Electronic Records Filing System (ERF) system, which is available to the public.

Snail mail letters will not be posted now on ERF. Instead they will be scanned and uploaded as one single document to ERF after the January 4, 2019 deadline. If you are concerned about whether your comment or snail mail has been entered, contact, Case Administrator, who will verify it for you. She states that all documents, whether on ERF or not, will be read and considered equally.

Number of Comments

You may submit more than one comment but you should try to limit the number. Do not submit the same comment over and over. Repetitive paperwork slows down the process for the PSC and will be entered as only one comment. Additional comments that are valuable to send are those that elaborate on a previous comment or provide new and detailed information.

How to view comments on PSC Electronic Records Filing System (ERF)

You can access comments that have been filed with the PSC as follows: Go to, click on Docket Search, under “Search Case Management System” type in Case # 5-CE 146, click on Search, next page click on Documents, click on Comments, list will come up in chronological order.


Worksheet for Letter to PSC

This worksheet is not intended for submission to the PSC. Instead use it as a tool to help you organize your thoughts about topics that are important to you. You do not have to write something under each heading; you can also include a topic not listed here. Collect detailed information, which will make for a more effective letter. Once you have completed the worksheet, write your letter. Make it personal — introduce yourself, explain your connection to the transmission lines, describe how they will impact you, and include your specific information. For snail mail include docket number 5-CE 146.

Submit your letter by January 4, 2019 —  either electronically (preferred):

or snail mail:
Wisconsin Public Service Commission
Attention: Akanksha Craft
4822 Madison Yards Way
Madison, WI 53705


Lack of Need

Property Values

Farm/Agricultural Economy & Operation

Ecosystem Harm & Ecological Impact on Plants, Animals, and Water Resources

Local Business Impacts & Future Development Concerns

Tourism & Recreation Impacts

Historical, Cultural, Aesthetic and Rural Character Impacts

Alternative Energy Options — Non Transmission, Local Solar and Wind, Greater Efficiency


You can also download the instructions and worksheet [ddownload id=”1737″].