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A group rallied in Mount Horeb Saturday to bring attention to the driftless area.

They call themselves the “Driftless Defenders” and are concerned about a proposed 125-mile transmission line that would run through the area.

The group believes the Military Ridge State Trail would be threatened by the transmission lines. Organizer Betsy D’Angelo says, “Bikers and hikers use that trail all the time to have a nice experience in nature. If ATC has its way that trail would have huge industrial-sized steel towers on it.”

27 News reached out to American Transmission Company (ATC) Friday ahead of the rally, which released this statement:

“The application for the Cardinal-Hickory-Creek transmission line project will be reviewed by the Public Service Commission, with opportunities for public involvement. We appreciate the public’s input in helping to evaluate possible routes over the last few years; that input helped shape our application. We looked at hundreds of paths for these lines and made adjustments based on what we learned from area residents. The project is designed to improve electric reliability, access to lower-cost power and access to cost-effective, in-demand renewable resources. It would also improve the flexibility of the grid to address the retirement of traditional power plants and the addition of new sources of electric generation.”


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