The application to build the Cardinal-Hickory Creek high-capacity transmission line has been deemed acceptable by the Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSC). The initial 180-day application review period has begun.

Now is the time that voices of citizens like you are critical to the effort to stop its construction and operation across southern Wisconsin. We need to keep up the pressure and increase our groundswell of public opposition. You can help raise public awareness by talking with people about CHC, writing Letters to the Editor, displaying yard signs and vehicle stickers, and contacting legislators.

As the PSC review process moves forward, there will be a number of public comment opportunities for you to make your concerns known. These include:

  • Oral and/or written comments in the initial draft of the USDA Rural Utility Services’ (RUS) federal environmental impact statement (EIS) – expected Fall/Winter 2018.
  • Written comments in connection with the scoping* for the state EIS – expected Winter/Spring 2019.
  • Oral and/or written comments in connection with the Wisconsin Public Service Commission’s considering of the need for the CHC line – expected Spring 2019.
  • Oral and/or written comments on the draft state EIS – expected Spring/Summer 2019.

Remember, the main thing we want our elected representatives, RUS and the Wisconsin PSC to know at every step of the way is that opposition to this line is well-reasoned, salient, passionate, and widespread. That means we want to help you make your voice heard on each of the opportunities for public participation in the PSC process.

We hope you will participate in all phases of the process. You should know that when making your comments to the PSC, it is always appropriate to simply express your opposition to the line. Your opposition may be based on the lack of need for the project, an environmental impact that you and your family are feeling directly, or another reason. We are also urging the PSC to consider alternatives to the massive, unneeded line, including approving “no action.” In any case, we encourage you to include matters of specific concern to you.

As soon as we know the specific time frame, locations, and other details for each public comment opportunity, we will let you know. We also will include ideas for comments particular to each opportunity. In addition, we will hold in-person meetings for those interested in learning more about the comment process and how best to share your comments.

For up-to-date information on those opportunities, see our PSC Updates page.

*Scoping refers to the gathering and examining of the full array of potential environmental impacts. “Environment” encompasses the broad range of natural, cultural, economic, social etc. factors.

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