One of our Driftless Defenders members is producing 8 x 8 foot plywood anti-ATC signs in his barn.   So far seven have been made and placed in high traffic locations from Dodgeville to Mount Horeb.  He is looking for more locations along 18/151, 14, and 18 that have good visibility in either direction.  It is essential to have an old farm implement or barn that he could mount the sign to.   There is no cost for these first signs.  Others will be produced at no charge for good locations, but donations and volunteers to help produce more signs would be helpful.  Plywood, paint, templates, and hardware cost about $65 per 8 x 8 sign.  If you are good with a paint roller you can help!   Templates for the signs are ready and waiting!  Contact if you know of a location, farm implement, and/or can help in any way.

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